Protecting Your Interests

Investors are constantly bombarded by what the "crowd" is doing. They hear it on CNBC, the nightly news and perhaps from friends and co-workers. Its no wonder a common practice of brokers is to bait unhappy clients with "last year's winners".

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What Do Falling Interest Rates Mean to You?

Interest rates are now lower than they have been in quite some time. Interest rate fluctuations influence so many things in the economy and personal finances that it's worth reviewing how the ripple effect of falling rates could possibly effect you and your family.

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Q2 2019 Markets Review

Investors are presented with a wide range of choices in how to invest – including the critical choices of whether to own stocks or bonds and in what proportion. These choices are what we refer to as “asset class” choices. Each asset class has its unique characteristics – including expected return, expected risk, correlation with other asset classes, etc.

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