Toilet Paper, Bottled Water and Your Investments

It's been curious to watch people load up on toilet paper, water and other necessary family staples in response to Covid-19. Long lines exist at every Costco throughout the country - primarily so people can load up on commodities which there appears to be little risk of running out of in the future.

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Does Financial Market Volatility Scare You? Stay Strong...

A little over ten years ago I sat in a meeting during the middle of the financial crisis we call "The Great Recession". The speaker was a well known leader in the community and had the ear and trust of those in attendance. At this meeting this man spoke about the severe decline of financial markets and told us that he had sold everything in his company’s retirement plan and suggested that was a prudent thing to do.

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5 Non-Romantic

Making a "financial gift" to your significant other may not be romantic - but it is evidence of love and concern. While I don't recommend wrapping up and presenting one of these "gifts" in lieu of flowers or candy perhaps you will be inspired to have a sit-down discussion in the next couple days.

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