Q2 2020 Review

Markets recovered somewhat during the 2nd quarter of 2020 - but generated an ever larger split between mega cap technology names and everything else. Social unrest and surging Coronavirus cases in many states also scared investors out of many "recovery" stocks which are still down significantly.

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Disconnect Between Economy and Markets?

In a recent newsletter post in mid-March of this year I urged readers to do the most difficult thing during a time of incredible upheaval in financial markets - nothing. The markets bottomed just a couple days later and since then are up greater than 40%. Hopefully if you read my newsletter that week you also either heeded my advice or did nothing to change the direction decided on when you dispassionately planned for your retirement. Regardless, the lesson we again learned is that control over emotions is more important than financial sophistication when investing.

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Data MUST Drive Decisions

Here we are. Two plus months from when Covid-19 became real and schools and businesses began to shut down. Admittedly, things are probably as uncertain now in many areas as they were then. We still don't know if the virus makes round #2 this coming fall and winter - and if it does whether we will have an effective treatment. Vaccines look to come in early 2021 at the earliest.

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