Investing is Difficult

Twice this year markets have declined ten percent or more.  While a "bear market" (defined as a twenty percent plus decline) has not occurred in almost 10 years, it can be gut wrenching to watch portfolio values decline - not knowing how current volatility will end.

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Save Money on Taxes!

As anyone who is not sleeping under a rock knows - new tax legislation was passed at the end of 2017 for 2018 and beyond. While you probably know there were changes in individual and business tax rates - let's focus our attention on the increase in the standard deduction and the potential planning opportunities that flow from that change.

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Could it Really Be Different This Time?

I was a very young and innocent financial advisor in 1998.   I worked for Gaylord Swim - an experienced, patient investor twenty years my senior who was to become my mentor. That year was memorable - as our style was not "in vogue" within the financial markets.

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