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Why A Will Is Never Enough Thumbnail

Why A Will Is Never Enough

This just in: life and families are messy. “Messy” not only describes in many cases the relationships but also the finances of even some of the most successful families.

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I Bonds for Inflation Thumbnail

I Bonds for Inflation

Without question this is the biggest monetary and fiscal mess I’ve experienced in my twenty-seven years as a financial advisor…

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Real Estate as an Investment Thumbnail

Real Estate as an Investment

Despite the ubiquity of recent mentions of inflation in the press our generation has relatively little experience with it. Our current public policy makers who are mostly in their 50’s and 60’s were teenagers at the oldest when the last serious bouts of inflation were dealt with in the early 80’s have no personal experience dealing with inflation as policy makers.

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My Crystal Ball is Blurry Thumbnail

My Crystal Ball is Blurry

There are plenty of scary and negative headlines referencing multiple economic and geopolitical challenges around the globe and at home.

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Groundhog Day Thumbnail

Groundhog Day

I don’t know about you but it sure seems the world’s inhabitants are living through an almost endless cycle of “bad stuff” - since March of 2020 when Covid-19 first changed things. It’s way too reminiscent of the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray played a newspaper reporter covering Punxsutawney Phil’s annual ascent from his hole – in an endless loop of repeating days. In the words of my favorite accidental philosopher (Yogi Berra) – “it’s like deja-vu all over again”.

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College Saving Strategies Thumbnail

College Saving Strategies

I was about twelve when my father purchased a used pickup truck for the purpose of “helping you boys go to college”. That pickup became the means for the Johnson brothers to put three boys through a combined twenty years of undergraduate and graduate degrees of college (combined 3 undergraduate and 3 graduate degrees).

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